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Consumerism and the Conscious Decision to Cling to the Irrelevant

You know what the most annoying thing in the world is (okay, so it’s one on an incredibly long and completely subjective list (deal with my trite and overused introduction, please))?

When you click on a website, and are bombarded with multiple advertisements…all of which are of the noise-making variety.

You’re on the hunt for Katy Perry lyrics, and in exchange for your curiosity as to what she really sings in the third verse, you receive an aneurysm.

You’re welcome, says consumerist America.

This happens constantly, daily, all of the time. Not just on internet sites, but anywhere that receives or transmits an electric current. Television, music, even on my mobile device. Advertisements. Everywhere. I can’t even play solitaire without getting raped by the media.

It’s fine, you know, I get it. However, eventually they all just melt together into a giant pot of static noise and create general annoyance. We exit and pause and mute our way through things daily just to get to whatever relevant information we were on the voyage for originally.

What this means, is that we eventually get really good at deflection, or deciding which information we’re going to allow to stick with us. Retention isn’t always a choice, but in a lot of situations we can be pretty good at completely disregarding it altogether.

It’s interesting, though, isn’t it? The things that we subconsciously hang on to?

Like being at the gas station and all of a sudden not being able to get the jingle for Jenny Craig out of your head.

Or sitting on the couch and thinking about cat litter when you own zero in the way of feline friends.

In the same regard, it always puzzles me (hah…puzzlement) to think of what we hang on to from general conversation or past situations in our lives.

You get to a point in your life where you’d really like the option to forego some of the information you’ve gathered over the years. You would like to simply write it down, fold it up, and commit random acts of arson to it (or with it (carefully)).

Throughout life, things happen (imagine that!). And in order to justify my thoughts or words or actions during said events, I’ll use my past as a reference.

It’s like subjecting yourself to boat insurance advertisements when you just bought a brand new car.


But we still do it.

Ideas why, anyone?

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3 thoughts on “Consumerism and the Conscious Decision to Cling to the Irrelevant

  1. John on said:

    Without all the noise much of society would be faced with doing the hard things in life. Such as taking care of one’s responsibilities like family, pets, bills, work; planning for the future generations in one’s bloodlines; maintaining property; being an active citizen; paying attention to what rights our Congress whittles away at daily; wondering if your liver enzymes are high for good reason or if it was just all the tequila from the past weekend. After just this little amount of quiet and thought I could use a little noise. Bartender, pour me another. Nice job Amy.

  2. You couldn’t be more correct. Easy to maintain a “cruise control” attitude, isn’t it? Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

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