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Dust and Other Things That Settle

I am currently overextending every brain-muscle I have to produce some type of witty, remarkable, or otherwise noteworthy (i.e. moderately interesting) introduction to this blog.

It’s not working.

(unless you find my confessions of #firstworldproblems noteworthy (and if that’s the case, we’ll find you help))

Sometimes I think that I’ve laid giant slabs of concrete over the earthy goodness of my creativity and totally screwed my imaginative self by working and being on the move as much as I am (run-on sentence much?).

And then there are days like this one, when I can feel the springy pressure of growing things (i.e. ideas) pushing up against the hardened terrain of my life and it’s a little like…home.

So, here I am. Home. Walking around in (imaginary) circles attempting to nail down ideas and deliver them with a hint of inspired focus.

And we’re off!

This guy I know talks to me (side note: he’s unusually brilliant, well-rounded, and sort of (i.e. insanely) good looking). Sometimes I don’t know why he talks to me, but he does. And during these conversations he’ll drop little morsels of insight that send my mind into a whirlwind romance with all things metaphorical.

And then I find myself atop a topic that I must write about.

So, you’re welcome.

Really, though, you should be thanking him (don’t touch him, though. Because then I’ll have to fight you…and to be completely honest I just don’t have the energy).

We were mid-car ride when the topic of “complicated situations” came up. He made reference to something he purchased that’s sat un-configured in its box since said purchase was made.

Why? Too complicated. Not in an, “I can’t figure this out” kind of way, but in an, “I don’t have the energy for this” kind of way. And he mentioned that sometimes your brain works like that…some situations are immediately unappealing due to their energy-zapping abilities.

A personal example of my own, you ask? Laundry. There is absolutely nothing overly complicated about completing this task. I will, however, do anything and everything else on my extensive list of housework before I’ll even consider my (outrageously large) pile of previously worn clothing. There’s just something completely uninspiring about it. Dusting? Yes, please (this willingness might be attributed to a newly born fascination with Swiffer products, though (don’t judge me)).

However, you will find that there are some people in this world who would rather do laundry than dust (…I hope to find and marry that person).

Think about that.

I’m sure you could easily identify tasks in your life that you gravitate toward…and others that you’ll do anything to dodge. This concept flows easily from our day-to-day medial tasks to the “big(ger) picture.”

Have you ever heard a friend mention a career goal or a hobby that they participate in, and then spent a moment thinking to yourself, “I have no idea how that appeals to them…at all.”

Say for example, accounting?


Just…kill me.

I would rather spend my existence scrubbing toilets (seriously).

However, for some (unknown and bizarre) reason, there are people in this world who are passionate about numbers. And that’s wonderful (because I don’t ever want to have to be one of them).

We were born with a natural attraction to certain tasks, situations, and (surprise!), people.

Some (myself included), might refer to this natural attraction as their “purpose.”

They recognize it and actively participate in its growth.

Other people refer to this attraction as…nothing…because they’re too dense to recognize it.

Let’s take a moment to explore that concept.

One sign that you are not utilizing your God-given talents or participating in your purpose (yes. I said God-given. Because that’s what I believe…and this is my blog…so projecting my beliefs on my readers and being fanatical about it is allowed. So there)?

You wake up on a daily basis feeling unfulfilled or otherwise empty.

Filling up your life with tasks that you aren’t passionate about is a lot like eating a McDonald’s Big Mac instead of a nutrient-enriched meal (pick whatever type you’d like). Yes, it’s cheap and convenient. However, you’re never going to sit back in your chair and think, “That was an awesome idea. I feel full and energetic and ready to take on the world.”

Contrarily, my friend, you’re going to slip into a carb-coma and (more than likely) dull out for the rest of the day.

Does that make sense?

Life is like that, too. If you don’t feed your heart the things it needs, you flat line. Obviously not in the literal sense, but, it’s almost as bad…isn’t it?

The same goes for the relationships that we participate in, intimate and otherwise.

If you settle into a situation that you can passively exist inside of…what is that? Why would you want to spend your entire life existing?

This is where I would (typically) give some inspirational afterthought on how to fix it.

Today, though, I don’t really have one. I just know that if you pay close enough attention, the world (God) will show you what’s missing…and it’s typically in your best interest to listen the first time.

That feeling of unhappiness or discontent is one very large way that the world puts its hands on you and says, “this isn’t where you belong.”

And the longer you ignore it, the longer you are depriving yourself and the rest of us of your potential…and light.

“Listen–are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?”  – Mary Oliver

Do something.

::Love you all. I hope you have a magnificent and happy coming of the New Year::

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One thought on “Dust and Other Things That Settle

  1. mandyeward on said:

    Well said!

    Me, I avoid the washing up like there’s no tomorrow – I’ll sort laundry and dust and hoover, but hand me the marigolds (rubber washing up gloves) and you’ll have to physically stop me running away from the kitchen! However, tell me to go write, make Fimo things (I got a neat book on polymer clay food for xmas) or make jewellery and I’ll jump at the chance…

    Currently I am avoiding the washing up as well as my coursework…*sighs*

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