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Time (Mind) Warped and Other Things

I’m working on a new blog for this week. However, a conversation happened today that somehow motivated me to log into my Myspace account for the first time in 4-ish years.

You see, I was a fervent blogger in the Myspace world. I had forgotten all about the words that I’d left there. So, I thought I’d share this little guy that was birthed in 2007 sometime. Enjoy!

This I Believe: A compilation of essays written by choice parts of society, from waitresses to political figures to athletes. All asked the same question…”What do you believe?” If anyone has read a part of this series (which I highly doubt)…it is promised to move you, maybe not in the direction you expect, but to confronting your own beliefs, and influencing some general introspection.

So this is me, sharing my self-evaluative declaration…This I Believe.

An approach to ethics that studies actions in relation to their ends or purpose (The word, of course, is derivative of the Greek words Teleos and Logos…The Study of Purposes)

Teleology is formatted on the premise that life has an ultimate design. Things occur in accordance with each other too perfectly to be the result of “chance.” In order to take this stand…one must of course ‘believe’ that there is a designER…which would be (in my case) God.

I believe that my life, in breath, voice, action and beyond, is completely
complicit, in some way to everything, (animate and inanimate) that I come into contact with, or that comes into contact with me.

I believe that people are brought into your life for reasons, and leave for
better ones. I believe that the 20 minutes spent cleaning up spilt coffee,
stuck in traffic, or some other unfortunate circumstance, is meant to make you regress, so another individual or situation has a chance to move in a different direction without you.

This regression is not a negative thing; it is God’s way of aligning you with your ultimate end…or purpose. This I believe, adamantly.

At the scene of fortunate or unfortunate events, it would not seem as though 20 minutes given or taken, a second spent, or maybe even years in a wasted situation would be very complicit to where we stand 20 years from now. But, think about it in terms of pointillism. These two points may not connect or relate in any way currently, but George Seurat could tell you that every point made matters; it benefits the whole (I’m getting good at this glass half-full bullshit).

Half of life is spent with the obsession of “knowing” your purpose. I am
content in knowing that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, heading in the exact direction I am intended to go. Every unfortunate event, every person that comes in and out of my life, every moment I spend contemplating a decision and making the wrong one, every life lesson, every experience every…THING…is just another ‘dot.’ A dot, which will one day, make sense. But until then, I won’t be trying to connect them. I am content in not knowing what the feature
of my pointillist future is.

(sometimes it’s nice to hear from yourself about yourself…even if it’s a little trippy)

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