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Time and Validity (huh)

Last night I stumbled into an individual that made me consider the validity of importance (ambiguous much?).

I actually stumbled around him, being that we exchanged nothing in the way of communication. It was more accurately a side-step, side-step, shuffle-step, hide-your-face-quickly and dodge…if we’re being honest (grace and dignity in tact…as always). 

This particular individual took up residence in my life for most of 4 years. We celebrated family holidays together, went on family vacations, ate, slept, drank, talked, ran, breathed (you get it)…together. For roughly 1,460 days of my time here on this planet, we were us.

In the end, though, after thorough consideration of our long-term compatibility…things just didn’t work out. We broke.

Throughout said relationship there wasn’t a brain cell in my head (or elsewhere) dedicated to the thought that we might….just…stop knowing each other.

But that’s what time does. It creates separation, it stimulates movement, it promotes change. It quietly and very subtly smooths the edges of all things that stood out in contrast to the flat plane of your life. It never makes them disappear completely, but it levels them to indistinguishable components of your life’s makeup. Blend and smudge.

Time not only heals…it makes most things that mattered substantially become completely irrelevant to you. Months pass and all of a sudden you’re on the other side of it. Your highest highs and your lowest lows and the people who brought you to, around, inside, and over them will fade and fall and flatten.

Makes me consider the things I find important to my bubble currently. How long will they matter?


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One thought on “Time and Validity (huh)

  1. Renata on said:

    Oh you and all your wisdomessness…or just wisdom if you want to be all accurate about words and stuff.

    Well put and I agree, how crazy is it that someone can be like an extra limb to you and then it gets cut off and you are all ‘ouch’ for a while, but then distractions come and the limb gets replaced with a totally different but equally…essential seeming (I’m not drunk I swear, I just have no idea what word I’m looking for) limb, and you’re so busy using that limb and thinking how vital it is that you sort of forget about the one you lost.

    Though if you were to lose a limb you wouldn’t run in it it again, becuase if you did that would be gross…

    Short story: I totally get what you mean and couldn’t have said it better (the mish-mash of words above is proof positive of that). You are awesome and keep on hmming.

    Here’s cheers to awkward ghosts from your past moments!

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