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Bubbles and Life and Stuff

For every new relationship that is developed, a bubble is created. Yes, I said a bubble.

There are several different kinds of bubbles. I’ll go ahead and define those for you now (because you’re completely lost, I’m sure (I know I am)).

The Soap Bubble: Soap Bubble relationships come in multitudes. They are light, frothy, surface-level relationships that are easily dissolved. Sometimes we poke at them just for the hell of it. Like soap bubbles, the individuals that fall into this category are disposable and don’t exactly make the cut in terms of getting the job done.

The Bubble Gum Bubble: These relationships require work. First, you must select the correct bubble gum. After chewing on this bubble gum, you then have to fill it with air. Your air. Oxygen. Energy. From your lungs. You get it, right? For about a minute, you will be inspired by this perfect sphere that holds your energy. You will be full of inward amusement at your ability to take a wad of gum (what the eff is in gum, anyway?) and transform it into something wonderful.

Then, some wall will give way, some weak spot in its development will falter. It will explode. Probably in front of other people. And this will be the equivalent of the world giving you the finger for having the audacity to believe you could change a lump of chewy crap into something beautiful.

The Plastic Bubble: Not real plastic. What was that product they used to sell on infomercials all of the time? The kind that boasted their product could not be popped? They would show this beautiful hand stabbing the bubble with a fork. However, here within lies the issue. On the infomercial, the fork is never pulled OUT of the bubble.

The plastic acts as momentary cauterization around the fork inflicted wound. Remove the fork and the bubble deflates. Or, at best, you’re quick enough to pinch together the sticky material before the air escapes. However, even then, you end up with a lopsided and imperfect bubble. And who wants a lopsided bubble?

(If you’re still not following this…I’m considering you a soap bubble)

The Glass Bubble: These relationships are fragile in nature (duh). They require careful handling due to their rare nature. Some of them are filled with light, some of them are simply translucent or reflective or just wonderfully nice to have. These relationships have a direct tie to the Bigger Bubble (i.e. Your Life).

The unfortunate thing about Glass Bubbles is that they do break. The longer you have them, the more fragile they can become and the more work they require to maintain.

The sound is unmistakable. The tinkering explosion of air and glass and the direct effect it has on the circulation of your blood in its veins. It’s one, generous pop. Unfixable. You are left with all of these pieces. What do you do with them? Sweep them up? Cut your losses and trash them? Personally, I like to just sit there and stare at the ground for a while. Actually, I might leave it there and walk strategically around it for months on end. Because shattered and there is better than shattered and completely forgotten. Isn’t it?

Eventually some bubble in your life will convince you that it’s time to sweep it up. But even after this, even after you vacuum, sweep, dust, scrub, and otherwise sanitize your Bigger Bubble, pieces of glass will still find their way back to you.

 Now I’ve depressed myself and can’t remember where this post was going. I think that there was some profound point about people and relationships being easily changed or dissipated. Or full of hot air. Or not what they actually seem to be. Or incapable of surviving forks or otherwise large bumps in the road. Maybe I’ll leave it open to interpretation.

I’m going to find more coffee. Discuss amongst yourselves.

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11 thoughts on “Bubbles and Life and Stuff

  1. MaryJo on said:

    This was kinda depressing….

  2. Yeah. I don’t think I meant for that to happen. Oh the cathartic nature of writing…

  3. jgavinallan on said:

    Amelia, great breakdown of relationships. The glass bubble is all too familiar to me.


  4. Oh, criminy. I wrote a long, thoughtful response to this, then even copied it just in case . . . only to have the server spend so long trying to connect, I copied something else and lost the comment!

    Probably better for you. 🙂

    The gist?
    (1) I know the feeling of starting writing one thing and writing another altogether. When I asked my girlfriends if I could use a picture of us from a decade ago, I wrote: “I’m planning on writing [x], but with how these things go . . . there’s not nearly a guarantee!”

    (2) I like the bubble analogy, actually. I’m just going to hope most of mine are the sort of bubbles found replicated in heavy metal statues–the sort you have to work really hard to destroy! (Although, of course, that tends to imply they’re so stable as to possibly be boring.)

  5. Makes sense for me – bubble metaphors for relationships… In my idealism I kind of want you to have an indestructabubble at the end but I guess maybe glass bubbles are as good as relationships get? Always fragile and to be treated with care.

    • You know…I thought that too. But I don’t know that there really is an indestructabubble. Maybe just one with a ton of room for error. I’ll work on that. Thank you for stopping by!!!

      • Yeah like a really massive, infinitely flexibubble (sorry I can’t stop doing that now!)
        Flexibility is key in not breaking relationships. But what would it be made of? I can’t think of an obvious parallel.

      • I love it.

        Flexibility and the recognition of fault as acceptable. I don’t know of a material that meets the criteria. It might have to be man-made. Which would make sense overall, eh?

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  7. nata_says_so on said:

    Well that did take a turn. Thank you for sharing your catharsis with us, even if it did get us all reaching for the comfort food of choice (chocolate for me please).

    I can see where you were going and totally get the various bubble analogies and they were all very clever. You is smart.

    Can I be a thought bubble?


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