the nonsensical musings of a clueless twenty something

Roads and Bumps and Things

On my way home from Venice (yes, that of which resides in the gorgeous Italy), I was (still am, actually) reading a novel called “A Gate at the Stairs.”

I won’t get into the back story, but there’s a quote in there that goes something along the lines of, “And this, this is why God created the fetal position.”

Yes, I highlighted it. Because I’m a geek, and I do what I want.

I’ve felt like that a lot lately…like hiding inside of my knees and pretending the big, wide, expansively massive world is, you know…nonexistant. And then I stopped. Because, well, let’s face it. It does exist, and eventually you have to make up your mind on what you’re going to do with it, or inside of it, or…whatever.

Sucking isn’t an option (even though some people throw themselves at this non-option whole-heartedly and without abandon).

So, in this time of economic crisis, I’ve decided it wise and smart and intelligent to quit my day job. Health insurance? Who needs it? 401 k? I’m 23. I’ll invest in my (ever-expanding) shoe collection. How ’bout them apples?

This is, of course, in order to pursue other things that interest me. Art, mostly (and bikram yoga…because it looks miserable and exciting and painful all at once). I’ve signed on with a new (and gorgeous) little boutique in St. Charles called I Am What I Am and here within you will find my pottery. And my studio. And me, hopefully. And possibly my dog if they’ll let me bring her.

Anyway, yes. I’ve decided that this life of multiple jobs and scholastic obligation has run its (long, miserable, unbearable) course. Some people just aren’t made to sit in office chairs. I’m one of them.

I spend a lot of time trying to find something or someone to rescue me. New hobbies, new shoes, vacations across the globe. Sometimes I’ll invest a little of myself in a relationship that could potentially not suck (…and then it usually does), but it always ends in the same way. 

Sometimes the only thing that can rescue you is…you.

Life overhaul! Sometimes it’s necessary.

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