the nonsensical musings of a clueless twenty something


I dated shared oxygen while consuming food on a few occasions with an individual of the opposite sex a few months back. He asked me what I “brought to the table.”

The question sort of stunned me. My mind’s response surprised me, too, as it scurried off to find pen and paper.

A list began to formulate…I’m honest.I can prepare a meal without the mandatory presence of fire-retarding materials.I was a spelling-bee champion.Ummm…I hate cats and I have very small feet.

I..uh..have no idea what you want from me.

I like myself. Granted, I’ve messed up a time or two and questioned my worth and cried about it. Who hasn’t?  Overall, though, I feel like I’ve handled life’s curveballs with grace and tact (people who know me would laugh at this).

Why did I suddenly feel like I was being asked to prove myself? Don’t we get enough of that from the world? I feel like someone is constantly asking me to perform. My peers, my professors, my clientele…we are surrounded by the demands of insignificant people who constantly want us to prove we’re worth it (whatever “it” is).

And now I have to perform in my personal life? Maybe I just want to eat and talk about clouds. How about that?

I’m a good girl, and conversation would have eventually lead you to this conclusion.

There’s an idea.


Try it!

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2 thoughts on “Nonsense.

  1. Renata on said:

    So THIS is your blog. Loooooove the shoes.

    Sounds like the guy thought he was speed dating and wanted to make a snap decision about the relationship based on your answer. Why is everyone in such a hurry these days?

    Life is long and should be enjoyed slowly, like a full three course meal. I’m so tired of people obsessing about the dessert while they’re still eating the entree. Enjoy what’s in front of you dammit.

    That guy needs to stop taking the mystery out of his life. I’m sure he’d love the overall you if he’d allow himself to learn naturally instead of making on the spot demands.

    Great blog Missy, I shall explore it more 🙂


  2. I can’t remember which comment led me to your blog earlier, but I’m glad it did! (I subscribed based on the very sensible reason that my first little sister through Big Brothers Big Sisters is another “Amelia Badelia.” 🙂

    I wonder what the guy who asked that was thinking. Mostly, by asking that, he made you question what he really had to bring to the table.

    Even more than that? I love everything you’ve said here. Love it, love it, love it, and totally agree.

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